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greenJO Natural Home Cleaning Products

greenJO was started by a mother for her family. It started as a way to offer safe and natural products to use for home cleaning.

To ensure that the environment we and our children live in is as safe as possible.

Particularly free from persistent and toxic chemicals.

Above all healthy for our family and for the environment.

Our Mission

To offer natural alternatives for cleaning, sanitising and pest control. Alternatives that are simple, easy to use and harmless to our families and the environment.

To offer cleaning products that help keep Jordan green and free from residual persistent chemicals.


Because our home should be our safe haven. Clean and free from harmful chemicals.

What we do & believe in

We believe in finding natural alternatives for home cleaning that are easy to use, safe and effective.

Yes to Natural ingredients

No to toxic chemicals

Yes to Sparkling clean

No to harsh chemicals

Yes to Natural scents only using essential oils.

No to chemical vapors

People have become more aware of the effects of harmful chemicals they are exposed to in their daily lives. Since we care about what food we eat and which skincare products we put on our skin we must also care about our home environment. To ensure that it is free of chemical vapors and residues. Free from irritants and allergens. Safe for our children and ourselves. All this without compromise: Clean and safe not clean and harmful.


We want our homes to be sparkling clean and toxin-free. We want to help you take control and limit your exposure to toxic persistent chemicals that have a negative effect on our health as well as the health of the environment we live in.

To provide simple and easy steps to make a difference for a green Jordan for a healthy future.

With small steps we can make a difference for a green Jordan for a healthy future. So that one day our children will look back and say: My parents made a difference…


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